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Integrity and attention to detail working for you

Cornerstone Realty Group takes an aggressive, pro-active approach to the management of all the properties under our control. Using a well thought out process of budgeting, capital improvements, leasing and management, we have consistent success in bringing properties to a profitable and established level of operation and stabilization.

The management plans are successful because they are aligned with goals of ownership, and because clear channels of communications are established and maintained. Our clients receive comprehensive updates every month through a summary overview and detailed reports, including a bank reconciliation.

We have been in business since 1994 and consistently demonstrate the integrity and thoroughness owners seek out when delegating oversight of their investment properties. Allow us to to review your property requirements with you, you will be glad you did.

  Jonathan K. Cavan

Jon Cavan has extensive experience in financing, developing, managing, leasing, buying and selling commercial real estate in the San Diego region since 1983. In 2000 he partnered with Andy Graham to form Cornerstone Realty Finance.  In addition, Jon continues to provide property management services to long-time clients under the Cavan Company.
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    Andrew Graham

Andrew Graham has been engaged in financing income property throughout Southern California for the past seventeen years. He has extensive experience as a commercial mortgage banker representing and placing loans with major life insurance companies, pension funds, banks and savings institutions.
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  Patrick Wakeman

Patrick Wakeman has a broad-based background in commercial and investment real estate brokerage, as well as successful in-depth entrepreneurial experience in the ownership, syndication and management of multi-unit apartment and commercial projects.
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